Anil Mangal Master of Counter Trend Trading

Because of his “supposed wave theory” Anil Mangal can see the future and he is always looking for next big move; but what actually happens is quite the opposite.

Anil Mangal starts shouting left right and center about the big move which is about to come – and that becomes the talk of the town in the trading room and weekly outlook (to get more victims) but what happens is quite the opposite.

  • In search of the big move coming; he totally gets blind to the trend which is already prevalent and starts taking counter trend – he had been shouting the gbpcad big short which is supposed to come for months and what just happened in his trading room is unbelievable – 99% of the us along him with ended up shorting the gbpcad in the bottom (instead of riding the C wave to the top) … except for few smart senior traders which dont pay attention to what he said – or were quick to get out – 90% of our trading room ended up blowing there accounts or being margin called . When gbpcad was going up – he kept saying dont worry ; it will fall – it will fall… so we as traders instead of riding the sharp wave up have ended up shorting the bottom of gbpcad (including anil himself who is short 50 lots in gbpcad of someone else’s money)
  • Same is the story with AUDNZD and EURNZD ; our group for months now is trying to pick bottom and take it to the top – anyone who has even an iota of trading experience will know whats happening to us. Its going up and falling right back across; but this guy keeps saying everyday they will go up – Yes Anil we know they will go up – but we need to pay the monthly bills and eat food- we cannot wait months and years for the big move up to make money – we want to trade daily. The daily setups you show hardly ever works and the longer terms are open for everyone to see

Anil Mangal self proclaimed best trader in the world caught shorting gbpcad bottom

Anil Mangal trying to buy AUDNZD since January

Anil Mangal trying to buy EURNZD since January


So in conclusion if you are his trader; you will wait months and months to make any money (while losing money continuously ) and his breakeven trades are a joke. So if you are his trader you will just watch and wait charts all day; while other groups are making a killing in forex ; trading intraday moves.

His breakeven scam is a joke also; as any forex trader would know that u need to take the trade initially without SL on breakeven as the wave can retrace and take you out before going the way – but in Anil’s case the waves often reverses back fully; but he doesnt know as he himself is only a preacher and not a trader.

Illusion on Wave Theory

Wave theory doesn’t work and will not make you money in long term (Anil himself doesnt have any public account to show); because 80% of the time you are ignoring the prevailing trend because you are trying to get the “next big elusive 900 pip move” but what really happens is that you after getting stopped out and taking losses for 7-8 times you give up on it as the trades go again and again against you; or you find yourself 900 pips down against you 😀

So what actually happens is that instead of making money NOW; we take losses now and never make money in the future. ( breakeven doesnt work)

The scam lies in the hindsight; because hindsight it would always seem to work as all the moves will be clear and patterns viewable. But in real time the things are totally opposite. Our master Mangalov also has no idea whats gonna happen (see any of his live trading video on youtube (he spends all 3 hours ranting and pitching his course instead of making a single trade in the week or making money).

If you want to make the money NOW in forex; you need to look somewhere else.

Introducing Mangal Margin: What is Mangal Margin and how come its different?

In the honor of Anil Mangal I am inventing (just like Anil invented expanding and contracting flats) a new term in the world of trading. and that new term is Mangal Margin

Concept is simple: Everytime you blow your account because of wave theory; you will call it Mangal Margin.

What do you guys think?

Feel free to send me your feedback; or if you know any method which works or have improved wave theory; share it with me

Vlad Putin 😉

Anil Mangal Trading Course

Anil Mangal Course Review

So you came here and landed up on this page while searching for Anil Mangal’s trading course?

Do you watch his weekly outlook on youtube regularly (well not so much weekly anymore since he almost blew his account on that GBPCAD big trade) and are fascinated by his brainwashing that what his secrets are?

Are you considering dishing out USD 2500 to learn secrets of his wave analysis?

Anil Mangal’s Scam Course

Do you have dreams of being rich and predicting the next big move?

Well look no further because you are in for a big big disappointment!

What you will learn in Anil’s course after wasting US$ 2500 will be basic stuff about trendline, money management and wave counting etc. The only thing unique about Mangal’s course is that he does his wave counting via MACD (which gives you no real edge in the market).

So if you want to learn his method of trading; just trade impulse and then wait for correction and then take another impulse. Thats it. Thats all you need to know. (Btw this impulse correction impulse is not his invention; it is famous pattern already known to pattern traders some call it abc, some call it tripple cycle 123 etc; so the only thing which works here is borrowed concept available on youtube for free).

His invented patterns like expanding flats and contracting flats are another name for I dont know where the waves will end so I will give them general names so in theory I would never be wrong but traders will lose the trades. Expanding pattern will expand all the fuck it wants and contract pattern will contract all the fuck it contracts; make you lose trades; but his theory/ forecast will hold true; while your account will take a hit,

So avoid his patterns, just take impulse – correction – impulse. The below video is all you need to know to trade the wave theory he trades. Forget about secret macd; he has no secrets. Its bullshit and yada yada.

I hope I have saved you your USD 2500; if you want to thank me send me an email at – your feedback will be appreciated.

Disclaimer to Mangal

No Mangal I wont reveal your so called secrets in this blog as I am a conscientious person and am only reviewing you to save others from your brainwashing propaganda aka scam; besides I dont think it is much of a secret which gives anyone any real edge in any sort of a way. So being the baby that you are; you dont need to worry, I wont share your course videos also or “secret” macd wave counting nonsense in this blog; so chill

Ofcourse I reserve my rights to call ” secret MACD wave counting” a gimmick for selling courses and that is something no one can take it from me.

Vlad Putin.

Jessica’s Complaint about Anil Mangal

i recently been scammed by anil. i came across him on skype. he told me how much it cost. i said it was to much at that time. so i asked if it could be paid in smaller parts as i get paid monthly. i finished half the payments. so he said he gave me half the videos to learn and sometrading pdfs to read. i finished another payment 2 weeks ago. he has completely blanked me. just wanted to let you know what he did to me


Anil Mangal Review By Imre

Hello Vlad,
I’ve found your video yesterday on youtube, thank you for that!

I am trading for about 6 years, and I was following Anil Mangal for years. I saw him beeing the top trader on Tradingview and banning him also. Before I found him I even experienced some success, but any time I opened his webinars I felt like I am doing something wrong, but this guy.. this guy knows. So I stopped doing my methods and started to learn wave theory from his videos. I didn’t had the money for his course, I was a student, so I took someone else’s course for 500$ which was similar to his. 

It didn’t worked.. Ofc. I thought because I didn’t paid for the Anil course. When I contacted him he was rude as always..

Funniest thing, but after I went on a different journey and learned about how random the markets are I figured out something.. I started to do my own stuff again, I forced myself not to draw anything on the chart and do not watch his videos.. it worked. I even felt I owe him, because when I felt I want to give up his webinars gave me power like “this guy can do it too”. 
So, a few days ago I wrote to him again on skype in a very friendly manner. I was asking him if he can suggest some books to me, because I really like reading.. He replied: There is no books about my stuff etc. but here is my course 2500$. I replied back in still a friendly manner, I knew wave theory doesn’t work, but I still thought himself is profitable, after I learnt what really needs to it, he fitted to the image. I even felt sorry for him.. like someone who doesn’t even know why he is profitable but desperately wants to believe his method works and better than anyone else’s chart reading. 
 I thought he was treat me like an equal, who also went through the hell and learned the real stuff from Nobel prize winners of economics. He told me, I don’t understand how knowledge is accumulating and processed, so the wave theory would be a “steep climb” for me. 

I was asking myself: Am I really stupid? 

Then I found your video yesterday. It was saying the same things that I thought. He never says words like “in my opinion, I guess, I think..” Only the words which makes him devilishly confident and charismatic as you said, it even has hipnotic effect on the mind. It is the same method political demagogues are using. It was also shocking himself not just not profitable, but not even trading. Brave move from you! 

I look forward to your letter!  If you guys would be a partner in it I’d gladly share my knowledge to develop and invent something innovative and scam free on the markets.

Take care,Imre 

25 Things I Learnt After Taking Anil Mangal Course

Here are the 25 things I observed after taking the Anil Mangal Scam Course

  1. It was also shocking to find that Anil himself is not a trader but just a preacher. He cannot trade. The proof is on record for everyone to see when he did live trading for a week in January on Youtube as marketing gimmick to get more victims and to show the world how to get the next big move (but was opening and closing trades because of supposedly 15 min candle movements – the whole weekly live trading thing was a disaster and a headache – and after 1 week Anil ended up losing more money than making ) Later on the his silver trades to came to his rescue to save his face – I will go in details why he trades only silver later on.) But I am not declaring him “not a trader” not because of his live trading disaster but this is a unspoken truth in our group which everyone knows but no-one talks about.
  2. The course itself is poorly structured where most of the information you can find for free online on youtube or internet. The only think which is unique to his trading is how he does wave counting via MACD but seriously; you are not going to be making any money by wave counting on macd.
  3. He will just teach you $ 2500 course in poorly made haphazard manner live videos (with no structure to the course). And after taking the course you will think what an idiot you were.
  4. He will breeze through the course in a jiffy in the video and thats it; you are on your own – trying to count waves 12345 abc wxyxz and more confused than ever. Any blame on your losses will be on you as its YOU who is dumb not to have learned his theory enough and not his ill baked theory; which doesnt give u any edge in the market.
  5. The patterns he is teaching can easily be found on internet or youtube. His patterns like expanding flats and contracting flats are biggest scam like himself – I will do a separate post on them. The only pattern which works in our group is impulse correction impulse and that you can learn for free on youtube ; hence no need to pay US$ 2500 for the scummy course.
  6. He has invented patterns like expanding flat (which can expands as much as it wants) and contracting flats ( which can contract as much it wants) his a trader will lose the trade but the forecast will still hold true ( I call this biggest expanding scam and hence I am writing this blog to contract it). I bet Anil is now feeling the pain of expanding flat (that gbpcad short) what real traders his students used to feel because of his wrong predictions – now gbpcad will / may / can go up and up to almost top – he will be margin called but ofcourse his prediction will be right ( we all know that 😉
  7. He trades only silver (because it cannot go to zero and is already bottoming – so its almost risk free buying it) ( he never shorts it)
  8. The moment he tries to take any non-silver trade it goes bad for him. ( Hello GBPCAD 50 lots short 😀 from bottom)
  9. He is focused on selling his course only which has made him more than 2 million dollars – much more than he will ever make trading. So basically he is in business on selling courses on trading.
  10. His focus is not to have successful traders – and anything which might give even an iota of edge to his students (but could harm his course selling business) will incur a wrath from him. Hence you are not allowed to use RSI or pivots or any other indicator which may help the traders. But I know all us use rsi and stoch secretly etc; but we are so afraid to open rsi in the trading room because we dont want to hurt our baby and his course selling business. So instead of discussing together what might give us an edge over market – we are under martial law of not to discuss anything other than his half baked methods which may give us an edge but which may prevent any future customer from taking his course.
  11. So if you are joining this course to learn any secret trick or to learn an edge; you are in for a big big disappointment.
  12. All of us in the group by now know he is not a trader – he wakes up in the morning to do webinar and then baby sits his baby all day. He is sometimes so shockingly ill-prepared that he says look for buy in EURUSD in morning and after 3 hours he comes in room and say look for sell ( when candles had hardly even moved) this is just an example – but I am sure you get the idea. You will often listen to him referring in weekly outlook on youtube (which are actually his sales pitch for more customers) saying “my traders took this trade; my traders took that; we did this; we did that”.. There is absolutely no such thing like combined effort going on in this group – he just does 1 hour non-professional webinar which is badly ill-prepared (typical sign of non-trader) he randomly draws waves up or down ; confuses the hell out of his traders and leaves for the whole day. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MY TRADERS TOOK THIS ; OR MY TRADERS TOOK THAT!!!!
  13. He pushes his students to artificially share his youtube weekly outlook on social media etc – so as to give him artificial boost for SEO; so that he grabs more of his victims.
  14. Many new breakaway trading instructors have sprung up recently (his former students, inspired from the fact that they can make much more money selling trading courses than actually trading) and you can smell his insecurity everyday.
  15. A senior trader who has been in the room for 3-4 years told me once that Anil hardly ever traded real account ever previously – one time he traded USD 50000 account and he almost blew it – so he just bought silver and let it go to recover the loss and focused back on selling courses. There is also another story of when he blew half a million of someone else’s money – he had said he would share the results – but later on excused himself by saying that investor had some tax issues or something – yea right Anil.
  16. Recently he boasted on youtube that he will trade LIVE half a million dollar forex account from january and will show his progress regularly every week. But since his bad shorts of 50 lots of GBPCAD from bottom – he has skipped weekly outlook for 2 weeks straight and today he announced that he was going on trip (meaning he wont be able to do weekly outlook – we all know what the real story is anil ) you almost blew the 500k account and you dont want to show the account on weekly outlook.
  17. He today took silver buy and USDJPY buy together today and USDJPY ofcourse fell (i think he is about to be margin called by Saxo) – I am sure next time you wont say there is nothing like correlation or reverse correlation. How can anyone do this when everyone knows they move together!! I know you dont care because you are trading someone else’s money but we do care; and the mere fact that you dont look at obvious relations which holds 90% of the time while doesnt work only 10% is really funny – my only conclusion is that you must be realizing this now since you are first time trading live account. And you saw what happens when you buy silver/gold with USDJPY. together.. these kinds of steps confuse the traders – and hence we have 95% losing traders in our group with many who have left.
  18. He has got the gift of gab; he will hypnotize you – so a tip which I use to save myself from his bad advise is to mute his webinars – may be new traders can follow this tip to save their money.
  19. He will insult anyone who dares to threaten or question his authority – hence almost all the senior traders from previous years have either left or dont bother.
  20. He historically doesn’t have a live account to show – this is first time he is trading live and has almost blown 500k.
  21. Many of his students blew his account in his recent GBP bad calls – where we all shorted C wave at the bottom which raced to the top wtf (instead of riding the trend up from bottom). The trading room is filled with old secret anecdotes which no-one talks about of how everyone blew big accounts after joining his course and being brainwashed that his wave theory worked. A lot of old students have left to try better methods; or more filtered rewarding approaches.
  22. Sometimes I think we are counter-trend traders – we wait weeks to wait for perfect setups and when they arrive they go against us. Anil himself has acknowledged sheepishly that whenever he takes trades – they almost immediately go into draw-downs – and he makes money in the long run – so unless or until if you don’t have USD 500k of someone else’s money to risk – its better to avoid his “wave theory”
  23. What he teaches works on paper; but lacks fundamental basic element which is required while trading – its analogous to a professor who has been an employee all his life teaching entrepreneurship course in the university; sure he can teach the course but he is not an entrepreneur and he will never be one also. So teaching (in his case I call it preaching) is easy but real trading is totally different ball game.
  24. There is a lot of dissent in the room; most of the people are losing money but are afraid to voice their concerns fearing backlash or shame. Furthermore he has started a new gimmick; saying we have paid for his course and not for the trading room; so he can kick us out anytime – which is another reason why most of us are silent and are not coming forward to fight for the betterment.
  25. Someone told me that Anil cannot make anymore trades with Saxo because of his margin (which has exceeded because of his huge draw-downs); so I urge Anil to trade with 0.01 lot and enjoy till he learns to trade.
Reason For Notoriety
Inventor of expanding and contracting flats

Anil Mangal always says on weekly outlook (his sales pitch avenue) that he is doing this training/ course thing because he wants to help others. Should have known better that he was just another snake oil salesman. How convenient for him this is to help others and charge USD 2500 for his help. No wonder his other breakaway students also decided to “help others”

That’s all I have to say – I will document other incidents also and if some other trader wants to share his experience they are free to contact me at I will post their stories or experiences as well.

Good luck to all – and new potential customers, avoid him like plague

Vlad Putin

Watch the video

Thats all.